Gottta show off my first V Carve

After using Easel to design with for 7-8 months, i decided it was time to move on! So i ordered my own 1000mm x carve with V Carve Pro.

This carve was not done on my X Carve (still waiting on packages *sigh). Did this on my 48x96 table i have at work, that i can use freely whenever i want.

On the plus side, V Carve Pro came in the first package, so i’ve been able to do some learning on it. I think all of my reading up on this forum has definitely helped (thanks phil and others) lol.

Did it with a 60 degree bit on standard, what you guys call… garbage wood. Aka pine ha!

Any tips from what ya’ll can see? Tips on finishing/staining?



Patriots makes it perfect for firewood! lol. Kidding(sorta), looks good!


Looks good. What was your finishing, just stain or burn?

Pre stain from minwax, stain entirely one dark color. Sand top surfaces so they are raw again, leaving the v carve stained dark, then apply stain on faces again just with a damp/dry rag of stain so it lays down a lighter color. Then of course a Satin clear coat.

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Its a beast Robert haha!

This was for a client. I talked her into letting me try my first v carve for her order. I’m a Dolphins fan myself sadly (us Utahn’s dont have a hometown team to root for lol).

Did you get a lot of chatter running across your x axis? Looks like a lot of tool marks are being left…Looks good though - still better than the BROWNS :smile:

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Yeah, my table has a lot of shake due to its size. So unfortunately, I dont know how much better i can reduce the chatter i get. Basically our cnc doesnt sit on a table top, the waste board is the table top sitting on top of a metal frame.