Gouging into my wood

We are confused what is happening. So I am going to just try and write what is happening and hope that someone here can help…
We spent our days off and got it together. We did a great job! We got the Z probe and got it working decently. The problem is… when we Home it and start the spindle. We follow all the list of things to do… but when we hit the CARVE Button… the spindle goes down and into the wood and slashes the wood all the way to where it is supposed to start, then it cuts where it is supposed to.

Now we can get it to NOT gouge into the wood, but only if its set Manually… Our Question would be what are we doing wrong that it is slashing into the wood all the way to where the first cut is supposed to be made… We Need to start using this so it will pay for itself at some point!! haha!

Two things

  1. Go back to machine setup and confirm all setting including the thickness of the probe.
  2. If that does not work call customer service. They are excellent and will walk you through everything and get you working

Good luck. Let us know how it works

After you set the x0y0 position, you should not need to home the machine again to begin the carve.

It could be that you are setting work zero, and then homing, but doing so in a way that is resetting the work zero location.

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Do not home after setting Z with the probe. You can set your X/Y location, but not home.

in easel, check the machine safety height setting
machine tab, advanced settings, safety height on my machine is .150"

When you went through the original setup did you select the correct type of ‘Z’. Acme I believe.