Graduated rulers on X and Y coordinates with mouse position indicator

Hi I want to first say that I truly appreciate the fact that Easel is a free product and that the support so far seems phenomenal. I have actually been pondering this request or suggestion for a couple of weeks but finally just figured,“what the heck, whats there to lose?” I was wondering what the possibility of a more detailed, graduated ruler along the side and bottom of the design area would be? Along with that, and I’m sure I’m reaching here, but is there also a way to have indicators along the x and y paths that show where the selection pointer is at on the work area? Thanks for the consideration.

James Murray


Great suggestion. Any chance that selected objects can be “snapable” to the ruler…? The user could specify the snap resolution, say in 1/8",1/4" or 1/2" increments There could be a hot key to suspend or activate this feature when needed/wanted.

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