Granite top suitability

I am in the process of redoing my X-Carve workbench. I have access to free granite counter tops (3cm thick). I think that might be a suitable surface to put my x carve on top of. It will be very flat, and won’t warp. I also think it may help with sound/vibrations due to its mass. Are my assumptions off base?

I may also be able to get man made quartz instead if you think that may work better (crushed quartz impregnated with resin)

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Your assumptions for the granite are all correct. However do not expect much noise reduction as it comes from the router.

Don’t expect them to be perfectly flat. They may look flat to the naked eye but take an accurate straight edge to the surface.

I had access to a few pieces of granite sink cut-outs. I had the wise idea to place some PSA Sandpaper on them for bookmatching guitar tops. However, I kept chasing and chasing a perfect seam. So I did some investigating and found that both sections of granite were no where near flat enough. It was a good idea but the precision was not there.

For your situation they might be flat enough, but for dead flat, double check them to verify how flat they actually are if you need them to be precise.

Depending on what OP intend to carve, the ideal would be to use the top as the CNC base, with provisions for top-mounted wasteboard like MDF/POM that can be skim cut.

I concur.