Graphic Designers

Is there a list somewhere or are there any recommendations for graphic designers here?

Thanks in advance


Not really, just toss out a description of what you need or are trying to do and I’m sure someone will reach out.

It’s what I do. What did you need. We are a full service design and print shop as well as X-Carve users.

We use:

CorelDraw 2018
Vcarve Pro
Photo Carve
Easel (Pro)

We can vectorize most anything.

I use a variety of tools.
I find using Zbrush for 3D carving and Vcarve for text and things like tables/chair as it has some cool gadgets for it. I also se V-carve for my vector carving.

There are a fair number of graphic designers using Shapeokos / X-Carves / hobby CNCs, and the skillset overlap usually turns hobby CNC users into graphic designers as well.

Notable tools which match up w/ graphic designers include:

  • gcodetools — this is a CAM plug-in for Inkscape
  • Cenon — originally a NeXT CAD app, it’s now an opensource drawing program available on Mac OS X and Linux, and moderately popular with graphic designers who prefer Macs
  • Silicon Publishing used to do a JavaScript which would make G-Code from paths in Adobe InDesign, but it seems to have vanished — there is a similar script for Adobe Illustrator now available:
  • a commercial plug-in for Adobe Illustrator is: which is flat out amazing

I have tried to slip in some didactic materials at:

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