Graphic (formerly iDraw) to SVG

I have looked all over and cannot quickly find anywhere that tells me if the iDraw replacement “Graphic” will export to SVG. Can anyone answer that billion dollar question? Thanks so much… Jeff

I can confirm that Graphic on the iPad can export an SVG file and that said SVG file can be imported into Easel.

Here is a test SVG that I just created to check:

From the web site:

Users can export bitmap and vector files that can be used in any of our
products that accept PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, PSD, AI, and PDF

Graphic is what I primarily use for creating the geometry for my X-Carve and if most definitely exports to svgs. You just have to remember to scale your export to 133.33%!

Hey Rusty-
When I import an SVG from Graphic (formerly iDraw) into Fusion 360, I have the same problem. The resulting sketch is 75% of the correct size. Yet if I tell Fusion to scale it up by 133%, then it comes out 33% larger than it was in iDraw!?! In order to get it correct, I have to tell Fusion to scale it up by about 11545%, which makes no sense to me.

When exporting from iDraw to SVG, it doesn’t matter what scale factor I tell it. I’ve tried 100%, 133%, 75%, etc, but Fusion imports those files all identically. (I’ve looked at the text of the resulting SVG files, which are always specified in pixels, I can see that the pixels have scaled appropriately as told by iDraw, but there must also be DPI info in there, since Fusion undoes it all.

I’m sure others have solved this and know more, so I’m hoping someone can help. (I’d use Inkscape, except I’m on a Mac and can’t stand running X11).

Hmm, That sounds strange. I haven’t personally attempted to import an SVG to Fusion from Graphic yet, but I can try and attempt it tonight and see if I can recreate your issue.

I can say exporting at 133.33% from Graphic into Easel has been working great, I wonder if there is some import settings in Fusion that are messing with it.