Graphic in Inkscape -> Easel

I’ve read almost all of the posts I can find on here about attempting to get work from Inkscape into Easel for cutting. Most of the posts seem to center around fonts and issues with them.

I’m brand new to X-Carve and Easel as I’ve finally moved my X-Carve to his home today. I’ve drawn my first project in Inkscape:

I’m wanting to cut this out in Luan or something similar. I’ve seen millions of letters, calligraphy, and designs cut out like this…

I’ve followed many if not all of the ‘import svg into Easel’ posts to no avail. They’ll import, but when I choose to cut it ‘outside’ I get the error message ‘If you’ve imported an SVG, check for open paths and join them before importing.’ I’ve checked many times, I have executed the path|Object to Path in the menu. Still nothing. I’ve also saved as an optimized SVG. Again, no avail.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Do I need to NOT do this in Inkscape?


Main steps for Inkscape:

  • Import image to be converted
  • Choose Path-Trace to bitmap
  • For a single B/W trace like your example choose default trace method, Brightness Cutoff / smooth / stack scans, click update.
  • Now slide the traced object away from the original imported piece and delete the imported one, leaving behind only the traced one. (they are currently overlaying eachother)
  • Choose Path -> Object to Path (CTRL+SHIFT+C)
  • Choose Edit -> Resize Page to selection (CTRL+SHIFT+R) (so the artwork is within you defined object boundaries)
  • Save your SVG
  • Open Easel and import SVG
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Hi @BobCouchman. I have numerous examples on my YouTube channel. Here is one to get you started using Inkscape to Easel