Graphics editing suggestion needed

Hey guys, i’ve been a cnc machinist for 35 years, that being said, editing graphics is not my forte. I need to convert the atached file to simple crisp clear lines for vcarv’ing. The trace bitmap option in vcarve pro missed allot of it due to the transition in the darker blue to the lighter blue, losing one side of the wreath, and on the other side losing the stars. Can anyone point me in the right direction so that i may produce a quality professional carve for this customer?


Well, nevermind, lol, my creative side found it’s way to the surface, and i was able to get it done. I actualy did 2 bitmap tracings in vcp, both at different “number of colors / threshold” to obtain all the vectors needed to calculate the toolpaths. Now to come up with pricing for making it on 24" x 24" something like edge glued red oak and see if they’ll take it


That will be a nice carve.
Personally I would trim it to the shape of the shield like the art you originally posted.

They specified that they wanted 24 x 24 square, and the raised border. But nevertheless, i completly agree with you.

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a tip for cleaner traces… (not dependent of software being used) is to convert the image to grayscale…

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Waiting on my red oak 24 x 24 glue ups, so made a couple in my boredom, 1 in cherry (8.5 x 8.5) and 1 in red oak (11.5 x 11.5)

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