Grasshopper/silkworm with X-carve

Hey everyone! Sorry this is going to be really 3D modeling and coding heavy)

So this is a work in progress but I am too excited about it so I need to share!

I’ve been tinkering with grasshopper (plug-in for rhino that allows for graphical coding interface) to get shapes out to mill. I’ve been really into trying to get a plugin called silkworm to work with my X-carve. Silkworm lets you create G-code freely (via curve/lines).

ANYWAYS! I have a video of a dry run I just did uploading right now on youtube. It’s unedited so bare with it or scrub it. I will do a nice carving video of it in the next few days.

Video will be finished loading in an hour :frowning:



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Nice work.
Any chance you would share the definition?
What are you using to send the g-code to the machine?

Hey Marcel,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve gotten back on the forums. I haven’t touched that file for a while but I remember the last time i did i tried to load a different image sample in and it totally wrecked the code. I can still upload it for you, better yet I might just make a github on it. I definitely would welcome a collaboration on it as I have other projects taking up my time right now. PM me if your interested. (1.2 MB)

if you want it here it is. its in shambles but if you know what you are doing it’s a good starting point. Sorry I just dont have the time to work on it anymore. I would love to see what I’ve started be something useful. Here’s a big FU to the huge companies charging outlandish prices for gcode software.

actually i think these are the lastest files I worked on.

this one is to make varied depth lines in the z axis. (3.6 MB)

and this one is to make dots in the same fasion:

image sampler_point (3.6 MB)

Please if you make additions to my files please share it with everyone. That’s all I ask. The knowledge is power and the more we share the better this community is.