Grayscale Map

Does Easel import grayscale maps? I would like to carve 3d plaques. Currently I create 3d depth maps for lenticular printing. I’d like to purchase a 1000 x-carve and use Easel on my Mac to carve plaques that i will use for vacuum forming signs.

Rather than pixel images, why not use a 3D model?

Use MeshCAM to do CAM.

Post or Private message one and I will show you what’s possible.

We start with a photo, then create 3D depth maps of images for lenticular printing. The maps are used to render the photo creating parallax views that are interlaced and printed on a lenticular lens.

We would like to use the same depth map to create a corresponding vacuum form

Our studio is 100% mac based, so we need an option that will let us create 3D on the mac.
I read that vcarve is not mac compatible.

if you want check out this list of software and compatibility

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Bob thanks, We could run Windows but would like to avoid doing that for a number of reasons. We are hoping to find a Mac OSX native solution.

There are some tricks to it and I don’t know how big a grayscale map you’re talking about, but I have done this in Fusion 360 using the image2surface plugin script. Fusion 360 does run on a Mac.

In my case I used the Gimp program to generate a random grayscale cloud pattern, then I used image2surface to convert that into a height mapped surface, then in Fusion I extruded a block body and cut it with the surface resulting in what you’re talking about.



both run on Mac OS X, no Parallels, Boot Camp or other software needed.

That is great news. Does image2surface come with Fusion360?

How hard is Fusion360 to learn?

Wow, even more great news. Thanks for the response.

Steve, If I understand correctly your building the slab model in Fusion360, then mapping the grayscale map on to it using the image2 surface plugin.

How are you driving the x-carve?

Where do you get image2surface?

Image2Surface is an open source script for Fusion 360 click here

Fusion 360 Post processor for Easel is here

Fusion 360 has a CAM workspace to generate the gcode and then I use Inventables Easel as the gcode sender to control the X-Carve.

There are lots of videos on using Fusion 360 and the AutoDesk support forum is exceptionally helpful, but Fusion does have quite a learning curve in part because it is so powerful. The good news is that once you design a multi-part item in Fusion you can save some parts as an STL for 3D printing, use the CAM workspace to create gcode for a CNC, and I’ve started working with their new laser feature to make parts on a laser cutter/engraver. So far I’ve used all three types of machines for one project I did as a demo.

My GUI Doesn’t work on a mac.
happy to share the patch I made for the java app that is driving it, java works everywhere.

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That GUI creates an STL, the image2surface script creates a different kind of mesh that Fusion is more able to deal with, but both are worth keeping in mind.