Grbl 0.9j Not Reporting

I just noticed that many status commands aren’t working.

Working: $$, $N
Not: $#, $I, $G, ?

Also, when I run a probe cycle, there is no PRB report.

Maybe user error? Anyone see this before?

I have not seen this or heard anyone else mention such a failure.

Most, if not all, of that depends on the on-board EEPROM of the Atmega328P.

Have you tried to erase the EEPROM and re-flash the Arduino?

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Not yet. Need to rewind and figure out how to do it.

I just wiped and put the Inventables fork in. Same results, but, this is in UGS. If I toggle Verbose Mode On, I see the data. =/

Also, I noticed that it’s now reporting 0.9c. Does the fork link need to be updated?