GRBL 1.0c settings

Using new Xcontroller and noticed 2 settings that are not in 0.9j

$30=1. (rpm max)
$31=0. (rpm min)

Do you know what these 2 settings do?

This from the grbl source code:

New '$' Grbl settings for max and min spindle rpm. Allows for tweaking the PWM output to more closely match true spindle rpm. When max rpm is set to zero or less than min rpm, the PWM pin D11 will act like a simple enable on/off output.

May I ask where you find this GRBL 1.0C?

grbl 1.0c is in the git repository as the edge release. for 1.0c

Thanx Geoff.

Learned something new about GitHub there… :smile:

Then would one set $30 to 0 to control a relay and not 1 as the default

In easel go the Machine, then Advanced, then Upload Firmware and you will find it, and can upgrade your Arduino right away

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