GRBL 1.1h easel not working

i recently updated to GRBL1.1h and am unable to connect to Easel your help would be great it runs fine in UGS 2019 1.1 I know I do not have an X carve your help would be great

Probably just a version issue with Easel checks. Before compiling, in grbl.h, try changing
#define GRBL_VERSION "1.1h"
#define GRBL_VERSION "1.1f"

how is that done I am very new to this any directions would be great

It keeps trying the USB port I can hear it working however will not connect

My comment above is pretty much the directions. I assume you compiled the new version, so you have the grbl.h file to modify.
That said, this is a workaround with unknown consequences. If you want to use Easel, I’d recommend sticking with a supported version of grbl. If you need to use 1.1h (why?), then don’t use Easel.

Okay I am useing 1.1 for the laser option and easel is nice to work in I’ll keep looking

Easel will work with 1.1, just not 1.1h.

Here’s a link to 1.1f.

If you really need 1.1h, like I said above, you might have to trick Easel into thinking it’s an older version. I DO NOT recommend. You won’t gain much from 1.1h unless you have a controller that requires it or you have a controller/machine that will allow you to use the new dual axis, self-squaring feature.

Thank you for your help it took a lot of work however I managed to upload 1.1f to my arduino uno and it worked great thank you once again

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