GRBL and Rotational Axes

I am using a rotary table using GRBL running on an Arduino for control. Rotational axes are inherently different from linear axes in that the physical positions that their coordinates correspond to are repeating from ≥0 to <360°. Sometimes I do a cut and the table rotates up to say 365°. In order to get ready for the next cut, it would be nice if I could get the control to recognize that it is already at 5° so that I don’t have to physically rotate the rotary table all the way back around just so that the controller now thinks it is at a new starting point. A command to GRBL that would make it adjust its apparent position -360° or +360° would accomplish this goal. Another way would to make GRBL adjust its internal apparent position by using the formula A = A modulus 360. Is there a way to do this using the command set that GRBL has? I would hate to have to just do a reset.