Grbl, Arduino Uno, Cant get the machine to go faster..$110,$111

First post. Thanks for the support.
I have a home built machine. It works great. I use the Uno,
Shield and Grbl to run things.
I have carved a few signs and thought the process could go faster.
The feed rate, in inches, was F30. I thought I’d try F50. It carved
in exactly the same amount of time. I checked $110 and $111.
They are set to 1800. This equates to about F70.
I’ve scanned online trying to find a solution and finally came
here for help.
Anyone seen this? Anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks, Craig

Depending on the path (curved vs long straights) the acceleration setting also play a big part of the time spent.
Also Z-speed/acceleration do.
Try to jog your machine back and forth timing the time spent travelling, to see if the change of settings also affect time spent per distance.

I checked the gcode and only G1 cut cmds are used. I will check the acceleration
parameters, test jog speeds and report back.

Thanks, Craig

Thanks Phil,
I have changed my rates to the following:
This has sped up my machine to the speeds I had expected. I cut a small sign
at F60 and it flew along real nice.

I’ll look into the other settings to see if they apply.

Thanks for the help, Craig

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Just for comparison / added data:

I have ACME T8 on all axis and my settings are:
Max feed X = 3000 (1x Nema 23,
Max feed Y = 3000 (2x Nema 23,
Max feed Z = 1500 (1x Nema 23,
Acceleration X = 250
Acceleration Y = 250
Acceleration Z = 100