GRBL controller board fried! No reverse current protection?

Hey guys and gals,

Ive had my X-carve for about a year now and everything up to this point has been pretty much smooth sailing thanks to helpful videos, support staff, and this community!! So just a shout out to all y’all! You guys are great!! thanks.

So, my first real x-carve issue is upon me. Through moving the machine around while power is off, without thinking about it or otherwise, I unknowingly generated a high enough reverse current to fry my GRBL controller board!! Ooops. The team at Inventables sent me a new one free of charge, which was totally awesome, and I’m going to be installing it today.

I don’t want to break another one!! So, my question is, does anyone know of a device or diode or something like that they have used or could be used between the controller board and x,y and z motor leads to prevent current from back-feeding into the controller board if the axis’ are moved around while the machine is off?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dont move it by hand anymore?
(I dont have any suggestions for your original inquiry :wink: )

Glad Inventables got you covered :slight_smile: