Grbl Firmware and Settings Manager

Here’s a program that I’ve written that loads hex files and manages your settings. You can change your settings on the fly, edit saved settings, copy settings, etc. All for free!

*** Windows Only ***

Short demo here:

Let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have any suggestions.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk!

I have tested with my X-Controller and arduino and grblshield. I have included sample settings and hex files that you may want to delete.

GrblSetInstall_1.0.4.exe (2.5 MB)

nice video, but I couldn’t hear anything.

Yeah, I couldn’t find a mic that would make me sound good. :slight_smile:

Only for windows users :frowning:

don’t worry, none of us sound good when we hear ourselves.
It needs a narrative.

Nice idea. Looks handy!

Steve I tried your program but it just clocks trying to connect. I have Win10 and arduino is on com3. any ideas?

Go to Misc tab and confirm the comport number. You can change it there if necessary and call up Device Manager to confirm what W10 thinks. Restart the program and try again…

Thanks for the speedy reply and bingo that worked. Now to test it out. Thanks

Updated the program (1.0.4). New install in first post above.

Added zip backup
Fixed a few bugs.
Saving settings is now much quicker.
Laser mode toggle (if using @LarryM 's multimode)

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Good work Steve… worked seamlessly for me…

Thanks! and I look forward to further updates

Bah. flash. YouTube for the win.

I don’t believe there is sound :confounded:

But there is a download link above, just get the program and try it out. It appears to work fine for me.

Flash not available on iPhone.