Grbl issues after adding laser?

I’m curious why Grbl v1.1e isn’t performing quite as well as v1.0c. From several reports, it sounded like v1.1e was only a few percent slower. This is primarily due to the overrides capability having to make a few more calculations per line segment, but having overrides is totally worth the slight penalty.

Also, have you tried using Grbl v1.1e’s new dynamic laser power mode (use M4 instead of M3 to enable)? It should make clean crisp raster engravings without having to adjust for over-burning. It also performs very well on lower-acceleration machines like ShapeOko/X-carve laser conversions. I highly suggest trying that out.

@LarryM: AFAIK, UGS platform, bCNC (no overrides), and GrblPanel all support Grbl v1.1e. This was set in motion several months ago to give GUI devs time to install it.

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@SungeunJeon Thanks for the update. That’s good news.