Grbl Laser doent print correctly

So I recently built a laser engraver, but when i print with it, they look like this:

but i want them to look like this:

any help to make this print correctly would be great!
Thank you!

If that is a DIY build, you’re not going to get in-depth help here I’m afraid. But from what I see I would guess it is a hardware issue, probably a slipping pulley on the Y axis for starters.

So, I bought a Bachin 4050 recently, I had some problems like this. Did you figure out what was doing it?
Are you using Inkscape and gcodeTools? I had to slow down the feed rate. Even F500 caused some jumping when travelling back and forth like that. If you slow it down, or create area fills using more constant patterns, you can avoid the jumps as it changes directions.