GRBL LAZER not runing full power

Hi guys just wondering if any one has had the same problem as me I’m building a lazer engraver with and the lazer will not power to full. I running grbl 1.1 and using the x limit switch but its only puting out 1.6 v(laser power low ) not the 5v for full.
I have the $32 enabled and all works except im not getting enough power. I have tried different settings in software as well with know luck.

Using the x limit switch for what? Variable laser power is controlled by D11 or Spindle (PWM) if X-controller.

If you are running 1.1f in laser mode, then some of the G code commands have been modified from the standards. Read this for the changes.

Hi there im running a Cnc shield and the spindle enable pin 11 does not do any thing at all when running coad but the limit pin will only put out power when laser is ment to be running the same as this

Sorry, I thought you were using one of the Inventables controllers. The “CNC” shield is available in various flavors and you will have to figure out which pins co-respond to which function you want to use in grbl.

Most of the people that I have read about use grbl version 0.8? with the CNC shield.

Moving up to grbl version 1.1f presents a challenge and varies with the version of the CNC shield you have.

There no easy way but to slug it out in the forums to get the pieces talking to each other correctly.

year ok thanks mate