Grbl manual command for moving axis

Can someone point me to a cheat sheet of using manual commands for grbl? (say, I want to move some axis by some fixed amount).



On UGS, command line, just type X10, goes 10" to the right, Y10 goes 10" back. If you want move it back, X-10 or Y-10
(10 is symbolic. You can put any number, be careful don’t crash to ends)

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G-code (w/ notes for Grbl support) is documented on:

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Be careful with this.

Grbl uses two modes, 1 absolute (G90), 2 relative (G91).

These settings are “sticky”. Which basically means that once you set one of them then it is in effect until you change it with another command.

In relative mode X10 would be, move 10 units in the positive X direction.
In absolute mode X10 would be move to X 10.

would be: move to absolute 10 on the X axis, then move 10 units in the positive X direction.

You do not need to enter manual gcode commands to move any of the 3 axis. UGS, Chillippper and Easel all have jog commands that allow you to move any axis a distance you specify. This is much easier (and safer) than trying to enter manual gcode commands.

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Also tedious if one has a known offset one wishes to get to.