"GRBL not finished booting"

Just received a new set of power supply, controller and stepper shield and everything looks correct as regards the port settings, etc. UGCS reports that it has connected to the port, but I don’t get the OK I’m used to seeing about a second after clicking Open. $X reports “No supported kill alarm clock for this version” and $H result in similar messages. Any attempt to move an axis results in the report “GRBL not finished booting.”

I’ve read the similar forum threads, and tried all things suggested as well as what I had to do to get the original controller to work. I even removed the Uno and shield from the enclosure to ensure no problems with the boards seating properly. But still have the problem.

Any suggestions from the community would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Generally this is due to connecting at the wrong baud rate. Did you try 115200 that is what it should be.

Yes, that’s set correctly, both in UGCS and Device Manager…

Verify you are using the correct port, if you changed things around it might be a different port then what you are used to.

Port must be correct, as when I close and reopen it, the motors go quiet for a second or so.

Going through the forum for this issue shows it has been fixed by using the correct baud rate (115200) or reflashing the Arduino. Can’t think of anything else.

Thanks for your input Erik. Where can I go for instructions on how to reflash?

This should help:

Found the page that describes this… in process now.

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After reflashing, I would rerun the setup in easel to set your system variables again. Not sure this is necessary, but won’t hurt.

That fixed it. Thanks again Erik… I will do the setup as you suggest.

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