GRBL on Udoo Neo?

I guess I should be asking the GRBL community, but I will share the thought here as well.

It seems there is a lot of people that plan to use (or are already using) a headless system by connecting a RPi/BBB/similar to their controller and then accessing their setup remotely via SSH/VNC/HTTP. The Neo (already >1000% funded on kickstarter with 24 days to go) is supposed to be a single board RPi + Arduino combo (with embedded WiFi among other features).

I cannot tell if the Arduino part of the board is Atmega 328 compatible which is what GRBL currently expects. Possibly not. However there have been talks about porting GRBL to other architectures. Just some food for thought. The future for CNC hobbyists seems more and more promising.

Here’s the campaign link.

Hi there!
Here’s Andrea Rovai from the UDOO Team. Glad you are so enthusiast about UDOO Neo!
No, the board is not Atmega 328 compatible. It would be great however to have it on Cortex-M4 too.