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GRBL V1.1 master release

For those who want to experiment with 1.1e here is a version set up for the X-carve 1000.

Only changes from the master on github are:


Homing_Force_Set_Origin makes the Work Position positive space and the other should be obvious.

Changed report.c to be able to identify this version with the $I command:
([VER:1.1e.20161208 Xcarve 1000 :])

Xcarve_1000.hex (83.8 KB)


@LarryM – I was about to ask you for a link or something on how to download and compile, then I saw the attached hex file. Many thanks!!

I’m trying to figure out what this means exactly… Homing_force_set_origin… Does that mean, if I set my Z Axis zero to the top of the top plane of my stock, It will carve everything below, or am I mis-understanding what that means…


Traditionally, in CNC work, machine space is in the negative quadrant. Just a fancy way to say all X and Y co-ordinates are negative.

The Homing_force_set_origin compile time option just moves the co-ordinates into positive space. All X and Y values are positive.

It’s just more intuitive for me to work with positive numbers, so when I build a version of grbl, most of the time I use this compile time option to move machine co-ordinates into positive space.

I did a really nice carve yesterday w/o issues so it works great.