GRBL version

What version of GRBL is in t he X controller?

Not sure about anyone else but i am running 1.1g.

I need to upgrade to 1.1g (or better)
Does anyone have the process for windows 10?

Just go into the machine inspector go to advanced and upload firmware.

What are you running now?

Just added a J Tech 7 watt laser.
Needed to upgrade to be able to do pictures.
Many thanks to Jay for his help.
Finally getting fantastic results.

@JanVanderlinden. You have to show up pictures!

Isnt there a 1.1f version that is suited for laser?
IIRC the most recent iteration is 1.1

Yes, I just installed 1.1f

I keep seeing grbl references. How can I figure out what that is and how to use it?