Grblcontrol very jerky movement/short arcs?

I’ve been trying to send a large (20mb) file to my machine. With ugcs, it became innacurate after several hours. Chilipeppr couldn’t even load it up without crashing my browser, as it’s past the 5mb size limit. Now, I’m using GrblControl, and while it is sending full speed, straight movements just fine, as it hit smaller, detailed arcs, it becomes more jerky, and is taking a long time. It only does a little it of an arc, then stops, then continues.

The settings for grbl in grblcontrol are:

query period 40
safe z 10
rapid speed 500
acceleration 25
spindle speed/min 0 - max 10000
arc approximation segment size 5.00 degrees

anyone else used grblcontrol on a large job or see anything wrong with these settings?

nevermind - for anyone else experiencing this, turn off autoscroll.

With autoscroll on, my laptop was only able to send smaller chunks of commands at a time. While it was still accurate, it was very jerky and slow.


Yep… it would send stuff in bursts.