Great Price on Shop Air Filtration System

Best price ever for this filter, Only $90 with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. I have this same filter and it has really improved the air quality of my shop.


Got one…works great!

Thank you for posting! Considering I practically live in my shop, I’ve been looking to buy one of these when the price was right and with Prime shipping, I’ll have mine in two days!

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I just bought that two weeks ago. It cost me $112.

Is this used in addition to a dust boot, dust separator and vac? I’ve never heard of one… just wondering what it’s for.

I bought one 2 months ago for about $120 and admittedly it’s still in the box. Gonna check my return policy and see if I can return that one and buy this one.

Jason: this is not machine/equipment specific. It’s a general shop/area air filter to get stuff out of the breathable air. It circulates and filters the air. I’ll be mounting one on my basement ceiling and have it running when working near the machine.

Got mine last year. That’s a great price! Highly recommend it.

400 cfm is not much if you have bigger shop, just keep that in mind before you purchase one. I have 2 bought them both used for about 100 each. The smallest is 850 cfm.

As Robert is saying, sometimes something is better than nothing.

At that price you can buy four WENs for 1 JET at the higher CFM.

It also looks like the Amazon deal is gone/out of stock.

I saw many complaints about overhead air cleaners as well. But Oneida offers better quality seems like.
Also keeping dust collection unit inside have same effect, no matter how micro fine bag using.

The best dust collecting is to use double cyclone inside for easy dumping and run discharge pipe thru wall to outside and keep fine dust inside rain proof cabinet outside. Or of course fancy and expensive air filters instead of bag.

Guys this is serious. Especially MDF dust. Name tells that Medium Density Fiber. That’s lung cancer I’m talking about. Please don’t dive on it when you see ON SALE sign. My wife does that on JC Penny. House full of junk. :flushed: (Did I say that out loud)

Robert you are correct the other problem lies in dust extractors with bags, all they do is pump out dust in the room like a large dust bellow. I have found the best way to deal with dust is collect at the machine with a cyclone or put a large fan directed outside in a window and blow your shop out with air uprooting the dust. It works great , but the neighbors don’t appreciate it very much.

I just read this article too. Very interesting.

I have been considering one of these hanging type filter units so I’m glad to have more info.

Like @Kasba said, the absolute best solution is to get the dust outside.

I have two Dust collectors that I use and I have them shoot straight out the window. One on my Stinger and one for my drum sander and belt sander. You can’t beat this if you have a window nearby and it won’t negatively affect what’s outside the window.

My problem is my flap sanders. I have both a Sand-Rite and Grizzly and those things throw the dust everywhere, and I can’t situate them near a window to utilize the above mentioned method.

I always wear a respirator but I would still like to figure out how to capture more of the dust at the source and get it outside.

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If you haven’t already read through Bill Pentz’s website it is definitely worth the time.

It totally changed my view on things. Venting outside is by far the best, but if you can not get the best filters you can.

He has a design for an ambient air filter that uses Wynn filters. Using a meter that measures the airborne dust, he has soon that good results can be had.

I’m going to replace my filter with these or possibly one of the big canister filters.

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How loud is it?

No louder than a table fan.

I don’t have a separate finishing room so I’m going to try one of these to remove the big stuff that interferes with a good finish.

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I’m not seeing this for $89

It looks like the sale price has expired.

Hey @RobertCanning, I hear what you are saying, and I was wondering about that myself, so I just did a test. I bought one of the Dylos DC1100 air meters and it arrived today. I turned it on in the shop and let it run for a while and it was reading around 100 small and 8 big. I made a bunch of cuts on the bandsaw with no DC running and it went immediately to 600 small and 100 big. I turned on my ambient air filter, on med, and within about 5min it was down to 300 and 5min later it was back to the low 100’s. My air filter still has the stock filters on it and about 8ft off the floor. The meter was in the middle of the shop on a bench.

That sounds like the filter was doing a pretty good job.