Green blinking light on backside of x-controller

I have a previously working x-carve of a pre September 21 model.

The led next to the backside powerbutton blinks green when I turn it on and the fan spins up and down. If I push the e-stop the fan works correctly. I get no connection.

Things I have investigated:
I have checked that the e-stop is not in dis-engage mode, by pushing it and un-corking it. The same problem persists with the difference that when I push the e-stop button the fan runs. I get no connection when it is pushed.

I have disassembled the whole x-controller and re-asembled it. The same problem persists.

I have checked that the cables connected to the motors are connected correctly. They are. During a restart the same problem persists.

I have not changed the powercable BUT I have changed the power-strip it connected to. The same problem persists.

My questions:
1. What does the green blinking light indicate?
2. Any suggestions on ways forward for me?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: