Greenhorn wondering about shank sizes from inches to millimeters

Hi everyone,
I have just registered here and am brand spankin new to cnc machining.
My predicament is not so much finding the correct router bit for the job, something I find both comprehensive and intelligible on this site (thanks so much) however as I am based in Norway (Bergen) the metric system is the operative yardstick😃
As of now I have 6, 8 and 10 millimeter collets and my question to anyone out there willing to help out an old tenderfoot and before I go on a shopping spree, is what size shank can I use (if at all) to fit the aforementioned collets?
This would make it so much easier to spend my money.
Here in Bergen there is no such shops as cnc machining for the hobbyist has not caught on yet, so hopefully my day late an dollar short epoch is coming to an end.
Thank you for listening

There are 25.4 mm in an inch. 1/4 inch works out to 6…35 mm which can be held by a 6.5mm collet. Likewise 1/8 of an inch is 3.175mm which should fit in a 3mm collet.

Here in the US I run a German built Kress spindle and I have collets specifically built for 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch. The 1/4 inch is just enough too big that it will not sinch down on a 6mm shank bit. That’s OK since I can buy a 6mm collet for my Kress.

In most cases you can order collets in whatever size you need. There are many web sites that sell bits in all kinds of sizes. I buy some at the hardware store, others from Amazon and still others from over seas sellers on Ebay.

If you want to buy US made bits in Imperial sizes, or buy the sets sold by Inventables, you may need to pick up some new collet sizes like 3mm and 6,5mm. Other than that, there are many 6mm bits on Ebay sold by International sellers. With 6mm, 8mm and 10mm collets, I would think that you would be able to have good selection of bits sold in Europe.

Hei Sinbad, fint i Bergen :slight_smile:
Før du tenker hvilke bits du skal bruke, hva er det du tenker å frese i?

Before getting too involved in what bits to use, please provide som info on what you intend to carve :slight_smile:

Hei på deg,

Tenker å forsøke meg på litt 3D fresing o.l. Gode gamle norske motiver på hyrte ytterdører kjøkken skap dører for eks. Slike som er på gamle jøtul ved ovner.

I will be using the cnc for woods and plastics etc. Eventually try my hand at 3D carving.
Thanks for the answers.

For 3D relief carving you will want straight cut 3-10mm end mills for roughing operations (clearing material fast) and tapered ball endmills for detail. Tapered ball bits are stronger than thin/straight bits.

For lettering 40/60/90deg V-bits are good :slight_smile:

Ebay have lots of bits to choose from

There’s a limited number of sources for collets:

There are some resellers who offer these in Europe — but in Europe, why not just get an AMB (formerly Kress) spindle?

Tusen takk igjen😀
Er heilt øvegøven den hjelpen eg har fått!
Gleder meg til å begynne på forskjellige prosjekter.

Thank you so much for speedy replies. I am flabberghasted I suppose we are in kind of the same boat albeit some bilge rats and some at the helm😌
I am so looking forward to working my way up but i know i have some rust chipping and painting to do😓