Grid layout on waste board

My waste board didn’t come with a grid printed on it. I really thought it did but when it came in, there wasn’t one printed on it.

So I painted mine black and created a grid cut out pattern carve. I have tried numerous ways to cut it out onto the waste board and it isn’t working. Go figure when I want it to cut into the waste board it wont work.

Ideas? Trying to share my project here.

Hey Todd. By chance is this the newest version of the xcarve?
The manual lacks (or includes but in a poorly worded manner) some key information about the mounting of the z axis and if you follow the instruction photod the z axis will be too high and will bottom out before reaching the wasteboard. So youll need to loosen the 4 screws on the back and lower the whole z axis until that bit can actually reach the wasteboard.

That said, the reason the wasteboard doesnt include lines is because it is a best practice (and one of the last steps in the manual) to surface the wasteboard. After surfacing some users will use either a Vbit or a Sharpie attachment to install their own lines. These options are highly preffered over painting and then carving away the areas you want to remove.paint from , because that method will result in high and low spots all over the board, which is an undesired situation.

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Yes I did just purchase it - I got ya - I love how it looks now though, but like you mentioned prob wrong but it looks nice. D

Thanks for the answer

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