Grid size in Easel not accurate to cutting area for Carvey?


In all documentation the Carvey states a cutting area of 8" x 12", or 304.8mm x 203.2. However, the design area grid only seems to be 294 x 204mm. I recently ran into trouble by trying to line up a cutout with the right most edge of my 300mm stock and Easel says it’s outside my workable area and won’t let me carve it. What gives? Can you please adjust the design area to at least match the cutting area of the Carvey? And hopefully soon as this project is now on hold.

Thank you.

Nope. Grid size can be adjusted under the X-Carve and Shapeoko selections but not the Carvey. As soon as you switch back to the Carvey as your machine the grid defaults back to the smaller size.

Link to tech specs