Grinding noise on Y Axis

When my Y axis moves a bit faster or is basically moving over a long distance, it sounds like the v-wheels lock up and make a terrible grinding noise. I’ve taken them all off and cleaned and made sure they are moving freely. Here is a low quality phone video where you can hear the noises it’s making. I don’t know what more I can do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Were you moving it by hand there?

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Grinding noise = friction too high for the steppers to keep up.

Its either mechanical, mismatched GRBL parameters or underpowered stepper. Please let us know what kind of controller you have and your GRBL parameters you use :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was moving it by hand.

I’m fairly certain it’s mechanical as It happens when the gantry is moved both by the machine and when I move it by hand. I’m using he arduino controller and my parameters are:


Can you get a video when the movement is machine powered?
Are both Y motors generating movement?

I can try later tonight when I reconnect all the wiring but it sounds the same when its machine powered. I’m fairly certain that both motors are running but I’ll verify that later.

So I unhooked the belt from both of the y axis stepper motors and the carriage actually moves extremely smoothly and doesn’t catch at all. I’m going to put all the wiring back together and run it powered and see how its working that way.

There definitely was a problem before I took it all a part and fixed the v-wheels (they were missing the spacer on the inside) so maybe I’ve fixed it and just when I try to move it unpowered, the motors just don’t like that.

If you move it by hand the motors do make a growl and fight back. They don’t want you to take away their jobs.

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Steppers will act as a generator when you move them. They can generate enough voltage to power the controller long enough to enable them, which stops the motion, which cuts power, which allows you to move faster again which powers on… Basically you’ll feel stuttering.

Yea, and before, the same thing was happening when the machine was powered and moving from the controller. Last night I put it all back together and it so far has not made the grinding noise while moving along the y axis. So perhaps it was mostly the improperly installed wheels causing extra friction. I’m going to cut some more tonight and see what happens.

So I put it all back together and it seems to be mostly working fine now, at least the grinding noise on the y axis hasn’t happened yet. I did have a bad cut at one point when it stalled but that may be due to my old waste board being not so level any more.

I had the same thing when I first tested mine. The issue ended up being the Y2 axis wire harness was pulled out on installation. Figured I would let new people know. Ill be making my first carve soon!!!