Ground the motor cable

Do you ground the shields of stepper motor cables?
How can I do that?
And is it necessary?
I have cables without a shielded braid
Sometimes there is false traffic
Whether to use shielded cables?
Should such a shield be used for cables?
Should I buy a plain screened cable?

I do not ground my stepper cables as they are outputs. I do ground my limit switch cables etc, as these are inputs

Thanks and whether there must be a wire to the stepper motor in a “screen” cover
Could there be a cable without a shield?

I purchased steppers with my kit from Ooznest which came with a simple 4 core with no screening or a separate drain. My only problems were from the signal cable in. If you feel you need to ground then it will do no harm.

He’s asking about shielding to prevent EMI (Electromagnetic interference) like Radio waves (RF): Shielding if needed is always grounded, or else it won’t work. If a ground IS needed that doesn’t mean shielding is too. Ground and shielding are two completely different things.

Exactly, but the cables will cost more, especially the braided stuff, and copper even more than most alternative alloys. :money_mouth_face: