Grounding across terminal blocks

My Xcarve folds up against a wall, because lack of space prevents me having it any other way, I have ordered the Xcontroller and will have it on a shelf, so I have put terminal blocks on the side of the Xcarve and I intend to run cables from the terminal blocks to the Xcontroller, I am worried about grounding, should I connect the ground wires together where they connect at the terminals, and then ground the cables at the Xcontroller

That’s what I do. I combine all the grounds at the block, then again at the XController, I’ve never had issues w\ my switches or stepper behavior …

Thank’s I will do the same then

I don’t know if this would help you, but I know I didn’t know these existed and think I should grab a couple and tidy up my grounds.

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Thank’s Rusty, I have not seen then before either, and I am not to sure how they work, I have been using crimp connectors, and heat shrink

I’m actually considering replacing all the terminal blocks with direct-wired 4-pin aviation connectors for the motors… low on the list though

They basically just connect all the screw terminals together, so you could have all your grounds coming into the block and then one wire going to the ground. You then don’t need to have all you wires bunched together and if you ever had to replace a component, you would just need to unscrew it from the block.

I too currently just have everything just soldered into a clump and then a “pigtail” coming out into the ground.

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That is a good idea and keeps it tidy, at the moment with the "pigtail"it is very untidy, but I have ordered the Xcontroller where All inputs and outputs have their own ground terminals so that should tidy things up, I will keep that in mind just in case. the direct-wired 4-pin aviation connectors are another nice and cheap option for the future

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