Group Editing Multiple Holes

I am trying to group edit a file that has 375 holes.
I want to change the diameter of all the holes at once. Any suggestions

Welcome to the forums. You can select all 375 and change them at one time. Just select them all and put in the size you want.

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You could do what Wayne mentioned or use the Offsetter app.
With that many holes Easel has a drill function app that would cut the holes quick and perfect.
If you share the project someone will show you how to do it
To share go to
Project then Share
Highlight Unlisted and copy Link
Hit close and paste link in reply
Good Luck


Offsetter v2 app will retain position.

But if the point is to make them just large enough to fit a bit inside then use the app convert circles to holes and it’ll use the hole drill function Making the circle into a straight plug and the hole will be whatever size bit you’ve selected

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