Group in easel

why it is not possible to group in Easel
And how to move an object in small steps

You can combine design elements which is sort of like grouping, sometimes.
Select 2 or more design elements and go to Edit>Combine.
In order to un-combine you would need to select the design element (now a single selection) and select the lego looking button on the left and use the app called “Shape Exploder” to sort of ungroup them.

One option to move designs in smaller increments you can use the coordinate system and type in the desired location and that will allow you to very finely micro adjust the location of the design element.
I’m sure this is not exactly what you were hoping for, but it is a method that works to get things into specific positions.

Thanks for your help. I’ve got to get a better computer before I can even open fusion 360 though

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