Grouping would be really nice for alignment purposes

When is easel adding support for grouping objects? When i need to align a bunch of parts it would be awesome if i could group them and use an align option on the group


“Combine” is a band aid for the typical “group” function.

Try this excercise: Open up Easel, draw a random rectangle, copy it so you have two, set one of them to outside path and the other to inside path. Now combine them. What happens?

Another key feature to typical “group” function is to uncombine them.
The Exploder app can uncombine but the workflow is cumbersome and not without things to take into account.

A true Group / Ungroup function in easel would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Easel is free indeed, I am not asking it to become F360 or any other full fledged CAD/CAM program.

However, a normal group/ungroup function would be appreciated - this is something that is very common in most editing software the Easel users come from ( Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator etc and other (non-)proprietary designing software)

Group/ungroup should not alter the user specified object properties.
This is a feature I believe most users that dont use other platforms besides Easel would benefit from :slight_smile:
Whether it is easy or har dot implement in the Easel code I have no idea.

This is my opinion.


I agree that the lack of combine/uncombine or group/ungroup is a puzzle. I keep designing myself into a hole when using the group tool and forgetting I can’t ungroup.
I am on my third game design that the end product is almost done and then I realize I can’t remove items.

Is there a way to erase part of the vector object? In the vinyl design world we put an object over another and choose to punch through which erases the covered part of the object in vector drawings. You then remove that object that cut off a portion of the original object.

That is my two cents.

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SOOOO its almost 2020 and I would really love the group and ungroup function on easel it would allow me to do all of my design on easel making my life way better. placing dados and aligning them is a pain. it would also help with making design transfers to different shapes quicker for me allowing an object made of multi depth cuts to me move and keeping them aligned!

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What would be a good alternative to line this up on easel ?