Gshield blue light

How many blue lights should I get on the gshield when I initially apply power? The instructions mention “blue lights” but I am only seeing one light.

Update; After proceeding with the setup I answered my own question, one blue light when you turn on the power supply and three green lights when you connect the USB. Sorry for the newbie question.

Are you referring to this line in the instructions?

“If you’ve wired everything correctly there should be blue lights on the grbl shield and no smoke!”

If so, I think it’s a valid question and perhaps that portion of the instructions could be changed to reflect reality.

Yes, I was good with the “no smoke” but the “blue Lights” being plural caused me to hesitate.

i have a question conserning the lights as well. for some reason my y and z axis are not respoonding. the x axis works fine. i have been using my machine for a couple of months with no issue as to this. the other day while using i noticed one of my motor wires were coming loose so i tightened it up then during a project it went haywire, my y and z axis lights do not come on. i can move my y axis gantry by hand with no resistance from it. i don’t think it should move that freely. i also noticed from under the gshield that i can see a yellow light blinking from the arduino. could one of the boards gone out. any help would be appretiated. thank you.

Just a guess but I would check the wires and connections for the y axis motors.

i will do that again but that was the first thing i did when it started was checking to make sure all the connection were good. everything seemed to be. but i will double check

After a few cuts my y axis is now not moving (it seems to try to move but just jitters in place). In looking at other troubleshooting steps, I’ve seen mention of checking the lights on the gsheild when moving the various axes by hand. Z and X light up both the blue and green lights when I move by hand, but Y only lights up the main blue light on the gsheild, not the green led near the y axis potentiometer. I’ve reseated the wires on the motors themselves and removed/replaced the wires that connect to the gshield and it seems to make no difference.