Gshield board

Hi my gshied board has become damaged is thier an alternative board I can use alongside the arguing uno board I have I am in the uk and cannot find a gshield board in my country

Amazon UK has them in stock. It shows a Jan 8th delivery ETA when I enter a Dorset Post Code. :+1:
Use the Search term “GRBL SHIELD cnc board” and you’ll get the right results. I’m not sure why its been shortened to “Gshield” in the documentation but this isn’t the right search term…

And here’s another that includes the micro Drivers DVR8825

The gShield is a product. It was one of the first quality Grbl boards out there. I’m pretty sure it’s what the original Xcarve was using as it inherited it from the early Shapeoko models. It uses much better quality drivers (authentic TI DRV8818) and circuitry than those boards linked above.
@DavidHolsman What’s not working on your shield?

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that makes sense. Thanks for the knowledge share!!

The middle connection block has separated from the board so the machine will not move for that motor driver

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