Gshield construction

The wires for my x, y and z axis keep pulling out of my Gshield connectors. They don’t seem to be able to handle the very little tension from the wiring bundle. Is there a better connection system? Would it be better to just blow the whole thing a part and build a new control box?

I use ferrules on stranded wire.


You can get ferrules and crimping tools here or on Amazon.

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Larry’s version looks far more professional, but being the heavy-handed agricultural type, I mounted everything into a plastic box and added plugs so that nothing pulls onto delicate wiring connectors at all. Lots of holes in the back of it, with some fine foam mesh to keep the dust out.

Not pretty, but pretty robust.

Credit where credit is due. Mine is spaghetti wiring (helps keep EMI under control :joy: ).

@PhilJohnson made the really pretty one.

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Thanks. I tried soldering the ends and it seems like the plugs grab stranded wire better than soldered wire ends. I think I’m going to pull everything a part and build a control box as I’ve added a relay switch to run the router. I’ll come up with a way within the control box to secure wires. I do hope to upgrade to the X-controller at some point.