Gshield pins not lining up with arduino

help, I’m so close…

Take the Arduino out of the case and try putting the shield on top of it a couple of times to get the feel of how it’s supposed to go on. That helped me out when I was on that step.

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I also found it was MUCH easier to attach it without the stepper wires screwed in to the shield.

Yeah i thought about that.

During Easel set-up, I experienced the problem that no stepper motors responded to jogging. The cause seems to be that my GShield and Arduino were not fully connected. But my GShield simply did not fit onto the Arduino—the edge of the GShield with the limit switch pins was pressed up against the inside of the enclosure so tightly that I feared I would break the assembly if I tried any harder to force it in (and fully onto the Arduino). Even pulling it out to examine it caused some pins to pull out of their guides. I took the pair of boards out, mated them outside of the enclosure, and just set them back in (no screws holding the Arduino down). Though it still doesn’t work…

There is something wrong with the design or the manufacturing variance with the GShield. There really should be more room in the enclosure. I hope this helps any one else who may have this problem.

I didn’t have any problems with the spacing of the components during my build. It would be helpful to have some pictures to see if the problem can be identified. Of course, if you have the machine working now it might be a moot point.

Thank for the late-night help, LarryM! I posted a photo at Motors not responding during Easel set-up The machine is still not functional.