Guess it's just not for me

Well at least i gave it a good try. I thought the laser addon would be pretty simple and so it seemed. but over the past 60 hours it has all gotten worse. I blame operator error and i hate to give up but time to cut my losses before something else brakes. I have tried all recommended settings hours of reading. I thank all that tried to help but now I am outta money and time. wired and rewired program and reprogram nothing the computer sees uno but will no longer upload settings all axis just hum.

Sorry to hear your challenges continue. I ended up buying a different uno and another gshield to make it work for me. Others obviously had success with it but it made life a lot easier for me personally when I went with another power control box with the different uno and shield.

Normally money is not a issue but my boy just started driving so he got a car and i got a laser so i am hit for at least 2 months before we start selling at fairs and have the extra cash to play with. I hate whining on the internet But no where else where people understand this machine. It just gets real frustrating when you are the guy that people bring all their broken things to to have fixed but can’t fix your own stuff.

No worries. I get it. I went through frustrations also. I have been able to enjoy the equipment running properly for several projects and then something breaks (belt, screw drops, dewalt stops working, etc). I have been thankful that I bought back up items to support continuing projects. In the end, I think I invested almost twice the original cost of the upgraded machine to do the additional upgrades, add-ons, and back up stuff. Worth the investment? In my view, yes. Someday I will actually sell something vice gifting projects to others.

I wish you the best ShaneBell. I know you have been working with the picengrave folks. They are very good at customer service from my view. Keep at it when it makes sense.

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