Guidance on first project

Can anyone give me direction on making this door hanger? I am really just playing around with my first project for myself but would appreciate some help

what part do you need help with?
looks like you have the design, you need to set the type of cut depth of cut etc.etc.
If you need help with something you need to be more specific about what it is you are wanting to do and what part you are having trouble with.

Thank you for the feedback, I will make sure I am posting or asking correctly from this point forward. I have imported this svg in and have added my letter. Do I need to attach my letter a certain way to the design prior to cutting?

You’ll want to combine the letter with another shape such that it combines into 1 path. Otherwise, the W may be cut out and not joined with the inner circle.

You’re mainly doing profile/outline cuts. Change your circles around the outside to be inside the path, the outer path to be outside the path and the inside W and circle to be inside the path.

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Hi Justin, thank you so much for the information. Do you know if there is a tutorial on this in video. Sorry, this is all foreign to me

check this video from Inventables on holiday ornaments it may help.