Guitar building

Can anybody recommend a good place to learn about Cbc plans for building Guitars. I would imagine there is a big learning curve here. Oh yea, I don’t play.
I guess this question is like asking advice on what fishing lure should I use. Open ended question?

Thanks everyone.

This one starts with a doner guitar. There are some good, cheap kits on Ebay.

This one is a start to finish X-carve built guitar.

Another thing to do is to look up the Gaton CNC page. Dave Gaton does a lot of 4 string folk guitars. These are sometimes called box guitars. These are simple, acoustical instruments that might be easier to start with.

In order to build guitars you really have to have some CAD and CAM skills. That means you take a drawing, or draw your own, and convert it to the Gcode to make the parts. There are nice plans out on the net. Many are DXF format. Most Cad programs will accept them. I had a couple good threads on drawing a tele neck and body but photobucket has now decided to make them watermarked and blurry, so they are kind of useless.

Loads of drawings here: