Guitar in X-Carve advertisement image?

In the ‘Small Business Saturday - The Deal Continues!’ inventables email over the weekend, I couldn’t help but notice a rockin guitar being cut on an X-Carve and I raced over to the projects to check out this new guitar project. Only to be sadly disappointed as it wasn’t listed… I assume the image was an Inventables project - is this going to be posted in the projects?

I know there are a couple electric guitar projects in the library, but this ad image shows placement for three pickups and a semi-carved body edge.

I think they will be posting it as a project at some point. It will probably be when that guitar is finished and the whole write up can be completed. I saw on another forum post where someone asked this same question and Zach hinted that it was coming.

check out highline guitars on youtube, they have several Xcarve guitar videos