Guitar making with x-carve

So I’m trying to make fender type guitar with x carve
Does anybody have suggestions for this?
When I’m carving it goes off the path and does similar things
How can I fix these issues?
P.S I have the first generation x carve

This should give you a starting point. Just search fender on the forums.

The main problem is that the machine randomly goes off the path

The Xcarve is open loop system, the machine is told to go to certain spots but there is no verification/feedback of it actually getting there. Its all based on assumption (open).

If for some reason it skips some steps it may continue to carve but now with an offset. I think this is what you are describing.

Finiding the cause for it to skip/miss steps is a wider topic, it can relate to mechnical friction, too aggresive cut rates (both in speed and depth per cut), end bit not perpedicular to the work piece, motor drivers set too low (not entirely unlikely if your first gen. Xcarve use Arduino/shield combo), faults etc.

Basically your question cover every aspect of your system, now is the time to start in one end and cover your bases and hopefully we can help you sort it out. As of right now it could be anything to us.

Give us information about:
Bit used, diameter and brand if possible
Cutting speed, inches per minute
Depth per pass
Material to be carved
Spindle used
Arduino or Xcontroller
Nema17 or Nema 23 motors

I use 1/4 flat end mill
Cutting speed is 1400mm per minute
Depth per pass is 3mm
Material is oak
Spindle is DeWalt 611
And nema 23

Thank you Ernests, lot of good info there.
Have you performed any calibration of your stepper drivers? (Adjusted the motor current?)
What kind of motor drivers are your Arduino/shield hooked up to?

1400mm per minute @ 3mm per pass in oak seem a little on the high side?

I didn’t perform any calibration or adjusted the motor current!

Is there any instructions for doing that?

This is a very good video describing the method provided you have the G-shield and individual drivers. It is a rather simple procedure but you need a (digital) voltmeter.

I believe your main issue is mechanical overload / missing steps due to too aggressive cut in oak. (I searched for speed references and they are at about 800-1000mm per minute and <1,5mm depth per cut with a 1/4" bit. )
However, you will benefit from getting the most you can from your motor drivers as the Nema23’s are not given enough juice as-is.

Thanks for suggestions! I did the stepper motor calibration and it cut 2 guitars out really good! Now I’m cutting new one and there is some issues. It is going off the path again, all the belts and pulleys are tigh. Can the problem be in Arduino/Gshield?

Yes, I adjusted motor current! How do you calibrate them?

So the problem isn’t in electronics?

It does that after quite a long time
After carving the home position changes for few milimeters
The belts are pretty tensioned
I use 1/4 2 flute end mill
I didn’t check pullies only Vwheels

How can you chech pullies?

Feed rate is 1400mm per minute
And depth per pass is 3mm

For 2 pulleys the set screws weren’ t on the flat side
Now it’s working fine
Thanks for your suggestions!

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