Guitar neck help

How do you get rounded corners at the bottom of the neck (where it goes in the pocket) when drawing in Easel? I click on edit points but then it just puts a huge curve in the line.

You’ll probably have to share your project to get help.

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Guitar necks are modeled in 3d. In 2d, you could take a dxf drawing from this site and load it into Easel via the DXF app. There is a tele neck dxf called Neck50sfinal. That will get you a perimeter cut, but if you really want to carve a neck, it is more involved. I don’t use easel, but this was pretty simple to accomplish to this point. A free 2d or 3d cad program might be useful to learn to do this kind of stuff.

This is how one part of the drawing would look in Easel: