Gun grips?

has anyone on here attempted gun grips yet?

I’ve got 1911 grips modeled and Gcode generated for one side (the other side I have the model but no Gcode).

I plan to test it out this weekend.

Used Fusion360 with a model I found online (numerous 1911 drawings/model sites out there).

nice. i was thinking of trying to make something for my smith revolver

twforeman made a few on his Shapeoko 1 and wrote it up on his blog:

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I am working on building up a collection of grips and scales. I have collected a lot of measurements, outlines and sketches from friends for various handguns, but I am a bit slow at modelling these into something that can be carved. The learning curve on the software has been my biggest challenge.

Below is my first scratch build for grips - a pair for a Browning FN 1906 .25 aka Browning “Vest Pocket” in yellow pine to make sure everything fit the frame properly. The only issue I ran into was on the design side - I made the checking too fine.


Here is the aspire file if anyone is interested, and the gcode and job sheet is in the zip file:
Base Grips v1.crv3d (6.4 MB)

Browning FN 1906 .25 Grips (2.9 MB)


The router-cut checkering won’t be as sharp or durable as that cut by hand.

Hand checkering tools compress the wood as it’s cut, and properly maintained and used will be far sharper than a router bit or endmill.

They are also able to follow the contours of a grip so as to maintain consistent sizing / orientation.


Yes, but it won’t re-orient the tool around the contour unless one has a 5-axis machine.


Stabilize your wood first, you get a sharper edge. You can also harden it with wood hardener ie (minwax wood hardener, from HD)

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Will, Do you think the added compression from hand checkering will matter significantly on harder woods such as Bloodwood and Rosewood?

AIUI, the pressure pushes down and polishes the wood fibers, making lifting a splinter and breaking off a piece less likely.

I love the 9mil browning. Great trigger pull. :smiley:

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This will definitely happen for personal builds, but some people do prefer the classics.

I just took delivery of about 120 lbs of a large variety of hardwoods from - I’ve got a lot of work to do before Christmas!


Anyone have any files for beretta 92 grips? Want to try to make a pair.

I would love to see them when you get them done.