GWizard and Dewalt 611 RPM Problems

I’m trying to use GWizard to calculate some speeds. I plugged in all my data and the Dewalt router info. I’m trying to cut plywood 0.5 inch thick with a 1/8 carbide downcut endmill.

According to GWizard the 611 won’t go slow enough for the cut. Am I doing something wrong? Should I just run it at the slowest speed and see what happens? Anybody else running into this problem?

If I select HP carbide endmill then I get some RPMs the router can handle.

All that does is change my feed rate. It doesn’t change the RPM in GWizard. Plus I don’t have a single flute :smile:

Do you know if the depth of cut is total or just per pass?

DOC is per pass not total. Also your deflection is way high. When I run the numbers through Gwizard v2.95 I have to drop down to a DOC of .02 in order to get deflection into the Black. Spindle speed goes up to 26400 and feed rate goes to 392 IPM

Ariel, WA

This may help in dialing things in a bit better.
I’d recommend running the router around a 3 setting which is close to 18,000RPM.