H.F. Portable D.C. question

Howdy- I’m in the process of designing my dust collector system using the Super Dust Deputy Deluxe model with 4" ports and the Harbor Freight 13 gallon Portable Dust Collector. My question is: Has anybody mounted the dust collector with the input pointed down instead of side ways as it is normally? What I’m hoping to do is to mount the dust collector above the dust deputy input and then installing a it on its side so that the input of the collector is pointing down.Then I hope to install a short length of flexible hose between the dust collector and the dust deputy. My concern is that the dust collectors motor bearings designed to work with a horizontal load an by mounting the motor in a vertical position I may ruin the motor bearings.Thank You.

YouTube has many many examples of the HF dust collector mounted on the wall. I’ve had mine on the wall for about two years. No problem